Emerging Media Channels Are Hot Right Now: What Does That Mean For Your Brand?

Today's consumer knows what it feels like to be advertised to, and the younger the consumer, the more difficult it can be to reach them through traditional channels.

Did you know that right now, trust in advertising is significantly lower than in other forms of communication?  

Enter: emerging media – to provide that crucial element of authenticity at a time brands need it most.

Unlike traditional channels that rely upon modes of advertising that have been around for decades, such as print or television, new or emerging media channels blend effortlessly into the environment of choice or surprise and delight audiences by interacting with them where they least expect. 

Why they’re so effective

With Gen Z on the brink of having significant purchasing power, many brands and advertisers continue to rely on conventional media planning and buying models to impact purchasing decisions. 

What we’ve learned: Even a mix of traditional channels tends to get stale after a while, or audiences find new ways to avoid them, as in ad-blockers and premium subscriptions for streaming services that allow users to bypass advertising. 

Emerging media channels, on the other hand, meet the consumer where they are, often in a non-invasive way or a captive environment. They more accurately reflect consumer preferences at the moment and the types of communication they most prefer from brands: 

  • Gaming
  • Audio
  • Live shopping
  • Interactive OOH experiences
  • Niche social communities

These emerging platforms are now available to advertisers in the know or at the forefront of their industry. 

Although some of these channels might not quite be mainstream, we anticipate a sharp uptick in demand moving into 2023. Additionally, they can be combined with more traditional channels, such as social media, from which consumers rely on to find the information they can trust and back up their purchasing decisions. 

Why they’re worth paying attention to

In many cases, inventory within the traditional media model is limited, driving up costs and causing headaches for brands who want to reach specific audiences (who might have learned to tune out traditional advertising). 

What’s more, channels considered “emerging” only a few years ago, such as social media channels, are now going through identity shifts and throwing advertisers through a loop. 

Emerging media channels, and more innovative media strategies, turn consumer and advertiser fatigue on its head by finding new ways to reach ultra-specific audiences. 

At Whisk, we have abundant emerging media strategies that are ready to take your brand to the next level. Ready for a chat?