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Helping brands connect to their audience in ground-breaking new ways

About Whisk

Whisk has built an innovation marketplace of over 200 of the most dynamic, interesting and fast-growing emerging media platforms.

Our team of media professionals curate relevant platforms to answer your brand briefs, with creative and buzzworthy campaign ideas with our partners.

We are an award-winning team, partnering with some of the Valley’s top VC firms, and founded by veterans of major adtech/advertising firms.

Whisk helps diversify your media strategy, for more effective outcomes

What we offer

200+ exciting media platforms

We partner with brands to facilitate avant garde campaigns to energize campaigns

Diversifying media spend through our network of emerging channels

Deep connections to the best VC firms

Solid network of VCs and their investments in emerging channels

Monitoring latest trends

Digital savvy team with constant eyes on consumer behavior trends

Vetted and scored innovations

Robust vetting and scoring of emerging channels ripe for brand engagement

Matchmaker platform

Digital platform to allow clients to find and evaluate the latest emerging channels

Bespoke creative ideas

Managed service to create and deploy creative campaigns with new channels

Execution focused

Constantly work with the intention of delivering a live “never been done before” campaign


Amy Still

Client Service Chief with a background in creative digital marketing

Matt Wilkinson

Emerging Channels Chief with a background in adtech and commercial strategy

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